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Conversations with Anne – 3 Free Webinars

Fall 2014

Dear Companions, I’ve been deeply moved by your emails from around the world in response to Awakening the Energies of Love. Now, I’m longing to connect with you in a more personal way. I invite you join me in a series of three phone-in conversations:

Free Webinar Series – Thursdays, February 12, 19 and 26, from 4:30 –5:30 PM PST.
I welcome you to invite a friend, or to gather a group of friends to join us, if you’d like to share the experience. [Please ask them to email me, too].

Tailored to your interests – I’ll tailor our conversations to your particular questions and concerns, so please be sure to REPLY to this post, or simply email me directly at anne@annehillman.net and include two things:
(1) Send me your question or concern about the awakening process (you can always change it later). Here are some examples:

• What is the difference between attention and awareness?
• How has your sense of identity changed?
• What is under-standing?
• How would I access life differently?
• Why does awakening matter?

(2) Order a(nother) book –  I ask only that you let me know in the same email that you’ve just ordered a brand new copy of Awakening the Energies of Love from your bookstore or from Amazon. Even if you or a member of your group already has the book, I would ask that each of you please consider giving a newly purchased copy as a gift to a friend; both givers and receivers may join in the free webinars! And please, I trust you will order your copies from Amazon, not an Amazon “Used” or Amazon “New” book from a 3rd-party reseller. This re-selling of books back to Amazon has been devastating to small press publishers.
Email me –  Please reply to this post to let me know that you’ve purchased a new copy of Awakening the Energies of Love, and send me your questions so I can customize the webinars for you!
With Love,

There’s no way of telling people they’re walking around shining like the sun. –Thomas Merton

You are loved.
You are accepted, held in a vast embrace. There is nothing in you, nothing of character or tendencies, race or sexuality, accomplishment or failure that is not held, not needed. That which you deeply are is deeply wanted.

You are not alone.
You are a child of God—of the Universe. You belong to an activity that is beyond comprehension. Trust it.

You are known, needed.
That which you have sought is seeking you. That which you want to offer to life is greatly desired. You may not yet know what it is, but it is exactly the right gift and only yours to give. Give it.

You are part of a great leap of loving such as the world has never known.
You have work to do. Begin it. Leap into the day and learn what it is to be mad with desire for the One Love.

The world sings in its many voices, “Do you love me?” Respond. Every moment of self-forgetting is an offering; every act of self-giving, a tongue of Fire. Be bread. Be broken. Let go of what you know. Do all you can to find in your heart what your mind can’t comprehend.

Your are Life
You are Love
You are Light
Go shining

*From Anne Hillman, Awakening the Energies of Love ~ Discovering Fire for the Second Time

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“Audacious!” is how one participant described the first of our three phone-in ‘Conversations’ on Thursday February 12th. If trusting the Mystery is audacious, then so be it! For our growing trust in one another and our vulnerability to the Unknown led each of us, simultaneously, without any plan or suggestion, to drop into the profound and palpable Field for the last 10 or more minutes of our gathering, Here. It was a sacred gift, and for those who’d learned to listen with their bodies, an intense physical experience of the Energies of Love.

For me, it was a tangible confirmation that in the Stillness, even though our minds believed us to be thousands of miles apart, our bodies knew we were unified, One. It was a true communion, an experience of the Light of the Infinite entering the finite world.

For any of you who weren’t able to join us, please know you will be warmly welcomed at the next conversation on February 26 at 4:30. (For access and particulars, see the January 8th post at www.facebook.com/annehillmancommunity). So they may be tailored to your needs, note that I ask that you please send your questions, concerns and comments to me in advance at: anne@annehillman.net

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What if the Mayans were predicting, not the end of the world in a particular year, but an end to the way we live our lives? I’ve long been awed by the number of people in the last fifty years who’ve been seeking a spiritual path and practice. Surely, this inner migration is amazing. Something has been drawing us beyond the confines of thought toward a new way of being. So when a friend’s New Year’s greeting began, “Happy New Era!” it seemed the Moment to say, “It’s Time.”

If we were to step up to that challenge, to take responsibility for entering the New Era in each moment and in each day, what would that look like? Might it lead toward a new way of being? To a new identity as Being? To speak from Being . . . listen from it . . . live from it? How could we establish ourselves in that new way of life?
What if in each moment, we simply practiced one thing: we came to rest in our own Presence—our own Divinity—and didn’t judge or resist what that moment offered? It would not be easy. But each time we dropped down into our bodies, fully Present to the moment, to ourselves, and to each other—that would be a true letting go. For that moment, the old would pass away. Perhaps, in time, we’d come to realize that we were indeed, Beings—that what had dawned in this New Era was a Living Light—and that Together, we were a Shining. We’d manifest it, unabashed and unashamed, and pour ourselves out: our lives, our gifts and our passions. Our Light.

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