Dear Friends, There is something in the air, a quickening, do you feel it? I find myself looking with amazement at the events we’re experiencing together on this planet, and at the same time, am aware of the fullness of life: not just days filled with activities, but days that are rich in the quality of interactions with others; the sudden political shifts in the Middle East; and the sheer majesty and power of nature’s wildness. A friend wrote: “I’m feeling a huge surge of conscious energy in the world in the last month or two. Do you? I felt it listening to a speech recently: that life was not about how much money, or power [or safety] we have, but how we have loved. More and more, I hear people expressing empathy, feeling greater compassion. . . It’s like an evolving that is almost palpable.”
Another wrote: “It’s like a convergence of time and place, a rhythm playing itself out. Still, people’s expectations can be quite different. Some may be afraid for the planet, for democracy, or for the world’s economy with good reason, but reason is not all. My imagination tells me that perhaps we’re thinking too small: that the confusion,even chaos, we may be inwardly experiencing holds the seeds of something very new and that we need to open ourselves to possibility, what has never happened before.

To sustain an essentially outward focus on the violent swings in politics, or economics, or the weather, is to miss the deeper movement, one that promises great creativity. For if we are aspects of the universe, we reflect its creative unfolding. Each new emergence in its long existence, galaxies and oceans; the evolution of living things; social changes like the black or women’s movements or the colliding forces in our world today, was born of a gathering energy: a current of creativity and destruction. To the degree that we can contain both dimensions of these fierce cosmological energies in ourselves, we will begin to shine like the sun. In any moment, we have a choice: either to fight the Current that is pulling us along or to ride it, to wait and wonder if what we’re experiencing is a creative opportunity awaiting us; to listen within for the leading edge of what most profoundly inspires us—and attempt to reflect it in who we are and what we do.

Every time we honestly embrace both sides of an issue within ourselves instead of making another wrong, we cooperate with life’s painstaking work of testing and integrating new forms, in this case, the gradual shaping of the human mind. Each inner embrace adds more light to life’s deep need for it at this Time.

From Awakening the Energies of Love: Discovering Fire for the Second Time

*Space (detail) from The Cosmological Powers of the Universe Series

Artist, Marci Graham

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February 14, 2013
March 6, 2011

D'Vorah Kelley @ 12:53 am #

This week I “found” Dancing Animal Woman, and it is having a profound effect one me! At the time you were writing it, I was new to the women’s spirituality movement, was immersed in a two year creativity program, and poems were flowing out of me. The, I stopped. Just stopped. I’ve been feeling a “fuzzy disconnection” recently, and in a coaching session last night, was helped to see that when I was paying attention and synchronicity was alive in my life, it was about the connections! So, my new mantra is “synchronicity is the antidote to fuzzy disconnections.”

As I was reading about the One and the Many in your book, I realized one of my poems was about that. I hadn’t seen my poems in years. But…. I just “happened” to find them the same day! They had been created on an old MAC, and I have a new one, after using a PC for many years! I really can’t recall how they got to my new computer, and I had to “translate” them, but I have them again! Your writing has inspired me, and I am moved to share The Dance (!) of Life with you:


One plus zero equals One.
One plus One equals Many.
It is the connections in the dance of life that make it so.

Strengthening the One with the Many.

Energizing the One from the Many.

Healing of the One through the Many.

Feel the rhythms!
Sense the power!
Recognize the patterns!
Dare to join the dance!
Flow through time with the strength of its creation!

Be aware!

Be One with the Many!

C Deborah C. Kelley 1993 (I’ve changed my name since then)

Thank you!

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