Ursula King, PhD, Teilhard de Chardin’s biographer, has included several pages about Awakening the Energies of Love in a new collection. The following quote is condensed from a longer discussion in her chapter:

“My own thinking on nurturing a different kind of love, a love deeper, richer, more inclusive and accepting of differences, a love that empowers, transforms and creates new possibilities has been much influenced by the ideas of four different people who have given us new metaphors and ideas about love for our time. Two are women [Beverly Lanzetta and Anne Hillman] and two are men [Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), and Pitirim A. Sorokin (1889-1968). These four possess considerable originality and have been particularly important for me. . . .

Anne Hillman is an American writer whose book, Awakening the Energies of Love: Discovering Fire for the Second Time, provides an extraordinary inspiration for learning to love in a new and different way. A former consultant to organizations, she is deeply interested in the internal aspects of social change, and how spiritual awakening can contribute to fundamental changes in our culture.

Hillman’s pioneering work deserves another essay by itself, but I can only provide a few key ideas and quotations here. Her emphasis is on the need for a new awakening now. She traces this process in an evolutionary framework by following the rise of consciousness within the development of humanity, and within each person, and then follows the different changes and learning curves that accompany this profound transformation. For Hillman, those whose awakening makes them increasingly transparent to the mystery of love are lights, carriers of fire and conduits of power. Her book overflows with amazing insights, deep wisdom, and an energy of light and fire that can kindle a new kind of love if we are attentive and willing to receive its sparks.” *

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* Quoted in Ursula King, PhD, Pneumatophores for Nurturing a Different Kind of Love, in Through Us, With Us, In Us: Relational Theologies in the Twenty-first Century, Ed., Lisa Isherwood and Elaine B. Chambers, London: SCM Press, 2010, pp. 56, 60-62.

Teilhard de Chardin’s biographer Ursula King, PhD, Professor Emerita of Theology & Research studies, now Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol, England. Ursula has not only given me much of her time and passion for Teilhard, she has tirelessly written, taught, and lectured about her perceptions of Awakening the Energies of Love.

Dr. King’s publications include: The Search for Spirituality: Our Global Quest for a Spiritual Life; Women and Spirituality: Voices of Protest and Promise; Feminist Theology from the Third World: A Reader; Religion and Gender; Spirit of Fire: The Life and Vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religion: Spirituality and Mysticism in an Evolutionary World, and Christian Mystics: Their Lives and Legacies Throughout the Ages.

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