About Anne

Portrait of Anne

PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  As an Organizational Development consultant, Anne worked with profit and non-profit organizations for over 20 years helping groups of all sizes tap high-levels of functioning and creativity in times of rapid change. She continues to focus on helping group participants develop the required depth to meet the great need for creativity in our time.

Anne Hillman mentors groups and individuals who seek a mature spirituality. An author and educator, her writing and experiential learning opportunities are invitations to step into a creative framework larger than those our cultures tend to offer. Educated at Smith College, she was originally a classical musician, choral director, singer, and the director of music for three schools. Widowed in 1968, she was offered one of the first Radcliffe Institute fellowships for part-time graduate study and received a master’s degree in adult learning and organization development from Boston University. She became a consultant and for twenty years helped a broad spectrum of organizations tap new levels of group functioning and creativity in times of rapid change. Since 1978, she has explored the internal aspects of social change—an inquiry into the kinds of interior development that can contribute to fundamental changes in a culture.
Inspired by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry during a year of postgraduate study in 1987, Anne’s work turned to serving the critical needs of the community of life on Earth, and has focused on the radical inner changes required for Homo sapiens to adapt. To that end, she has lectured and given workshops and retreats in the US, Australia, and Canada about the essential preparation for an emergent consciousness. In 1989, she and her husband conceived and built a small home designed to demonstrate sustainability and express artistically a “Celebration of Life,” with a plug for a future electric car. In 1994, The Dancing Animal Woman—A Celebration of Life was published followed by the first edition of Awakening the Energies of Love—Discovering Fire for the Second Time in 2008. Her articles have appeared in national journals and newspapers, and her poetry in several anthologies. She offers small groups in Northern California, and webinars and conference calls for the larger community on request