Endorsements for Dancing Animal Woman

Richard Moss, M.D., author, The Second Miracle, and The Black Butterfly:
Today at 30,000 feet en route to New York from Seattle, I have had a truly exhilarating encounter with Anne Hillman’s manuscript, The Dancing Animal Woman. What she says is vital stuff that we collectively must hear now and in many voices. Her voice, however, is particularly important because it is that of the mature woman, not the voice of a scientist or politician. Her logic comes from her womb, from the children she has born, from the love she’s shared, the men she has supported and taught. It is the voice of the woman who engaged the male-oriented role demands, succeeded, lost herself and returned, scouting new territories in herself, and now, for others. Anne’s story will illumine the way for many.

Willis Harman, Ph.D., Founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences, author, Higher Creativity, Global Mind Change:
Sometimes prose is poetry. That is what I felt when reading Anne Hillman’s beautiful account of her own journey through her body to herself. It is poetry in the deeper sense of pointing to a deep knowing which cannot be directly described in words. Tagore said, "It is by merging our will with the world-dharma that we become truly free. This is Anne’s chronicle of how she discovered that, aided by some nudging from the universe when she faltered. A deeply feminine story, it is a treasury of wisdom for man and woman alike.

Thomas Berry, Ph.D., author, The Dream of the Earth:
Anne Hillman evokes the mutual reverence, the mystical bonding needed between human beings and the natural world. Right on target.

M.C. Richards, Ph.D., potter, poet, author, Centering in Pottery, Poetry and the Person:
Exciting. Impressive. From its opening image of the cracked seed to the emergence of the wild soul of the dancing animal woman, the whole work is an ongoing explosion, an evolving like that of the original fireball, which contained within it all that we have become. The transformation it teaches is meant to awaken and fire the energies of the reader, liberate us from cultural patterning and bring us home to our primal creativity. Anne Hillman invites us to embody more fully the nonverbal languages of body and psyche, shared with other forms of life. Personal and cosmic story, social history, poetry and dissolving time unfold before our eyes and imagination to birth a deeper belonging in the universal communion where nothing, and no one, is left out.

Matthew Fox, author, The Reinvention of Work
Entering this book is an adventure in the Spirit.

Mark Levy, Professor of Art:

It is a wonderful effort—beautiful with splendid images which are reverberating in my psyche. I found the insistence on the body and its extension into nature as the necessary vehicle for spirituality particularly meaningful. . .

Margaret Siberry, England:
Anne Hillman’s personal and honest account of the movements within her reached me in so many ways. Although my life situation is different from hers, she speaks to what is universal in us all. What has astounded me is how helpful and memorable her images have been to the number of friends I’ve related them to—to see the smile appear on their faces, that slow-dawning “Ah, yes!” experience. . . Since reading the book six weeks ago, I’ve not had it! It’s been passed on to others whilst waiting for extra copied to arrive.
Wayne McCusick, Physicist:
I helped to start a college for retired folk at The Rochester Institute of Technology and suggested The Dancing Animal Woman to my class there as a fine example of sharing a spiritual journey, beautifully written. We discussed each of the four parts in class, and I could write pages about the power and richness it holds for me.
Charlene Spretnak, Author and Professor:
I’ve recommended it to the women’s monthly book discussion group here . . .
Rosemary O’Hara, Marriage and Family therapist (one of several who have recommended the book to her clients):
I am in my second reading of The Dancing Animal Woman. How very much I appreciate both Anne Hillman’s writing and the sharing of her spiritual quest! She expresses herself so beautifully.
Barbara Turner-Vesselago, PhD, Freefall Writing Workshops:
I am loving this book. A student of mine piped up at a workshop, “Have you read The Dancing Animal Woman? It’s the best book I think I have ever read. I’ve become its advocate! I’ve never read a book that so exactly describes where I am.” The writing is warm and embracing, rich and full. And passionate! I revel in it and it speaks to me on every page.
Barry Gill, Emeritus Professor of Writing:
I am on the second reading of The Dancing Animal Woman and even more intrigued than I was on the first. There is so much going on at different levels, and I keep experiencing so many points of reference that I am drawn deeper and deeper. . . There is a such sense of arrival throughout the book, and of a new consciousness.
Rosamonde Miller, Bishop:
It all came out of this author’s body, out of her guts. I have ordered 12 copies for my students and the priests I am training. . .
Elizabeth Reveley, England:
Having read The Dancing Animal Woman, reread parts of it, and then meditated upon it, I can say it is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. It spoke to me in so many ways and I could identify with so much of it. It helped to clarify and put into beautiful language many things I have been thinking about, and I will always treasure it.
Sister Susannah, Director, Retreat Center:
We will order your fine book for our book store. I shared some of your content with a class I am teaching at the college on “Spirit of the Earth,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them order it as well. . .
Bea Ledyard, psychotherapist:
 A wonderful book! The author’s stories from her life and the wisdom of her insights are very healing. I’ve shared passages with some of my groups and am impressed with the clarity and intimacy of the writing itself.