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. . . You speak from a deep place of authenticity and transparency, coming from your experience and your years of seeking, and your passion for the emergence of Love in the world. It was somewhat of a Pentecost experience: you are speaking your own words out of your own experience and we are hearing it through our ears and our individual experience but the Silent message breaks through and everyone, at whatever level hears the whisper, I Love You. You can be sure your work was an encounter with what is deepest within everyone there and they heard something of what they have been longing to hear . . . Alice MacDonald, Santa Barbara, CA



JUNE 23-24 BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON: New Practices for New Wineskins; a retreat created after November, 2016  in response to the ubiquitous question, “What can I do?” “How shall I serve?” If we ask the questions of Presence, we may be offered in response, new wine we’ve perhaps not dared to tastewine that requires new wineskins: an entirely different kind of faith and the necessary practices to embody itOur retreat will offer a gentle process for those who long to trust themselves and the One Life more fully. You will learn practical wisdom: five ways to practice-in-the-moment that can open you toward living, speaking, and serving from the wholeness of Love. 


“There’s no other place in my life I can talk to others like this.”

“One of the richest experiences I’ve had in the past 5 years.”

“I don’t think our family would be taking this step in our lives if not for the group experience I had with you. You really helped me to understand what is most important to me and to let go of things that were holding me back.”
Do you long for serenity in your life, inner nourishment and repose? Do you need to find a better balance between work, family, community, and your own need for replenishment? Soul Work restores you to greater awareness and helps you discern both meaning and direction for your life.
Open to all who seek what is most authentic in themselves, these small groups include instruction in meditation, a writing practice, wise discernment, and a chance to develop deep bonds with others. If you are ready to make this kind of commitment to yourself, your participation in a Soul Work group will provide the necessary support for a committed spiritual practice and the lived experience of Presence that heals and sustains us.
Ten two-hour meetings every other week  Safe, supportive environment, beautiful surroundings, with a facilitator with more than 40 years experience as a small group leader. (Soul Work has evolved for almost 20 years and is now closed.) 


TORONTO AREA: April 19-21, 2013.  An Unbroken Intimacy with Life, A new Weekend Retreat at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph, Ontario Sponsored by the Sacred Wisdom Centre   For further information, please contact  Barbara Booth 

Times of darkness and radical change have the potential to move us toward new ways of being human.  We may long for guidance in how to proceed with our lives and turn to others for wise counsel or try to “figure it out,” yet forget that Life is the teacher. In this gathering we’ll listen to Life’s subtle promptings, to ourselves and to each other by reaching deep into our genetic heritage for a more visceral wisdom that comes from living the life of connection—what I call under-standing

This is an opportunity to completely shift your perspective: by being part of a group that has become One; by listening to one another as One; and by feeling into your own life and calling as part of the intricate web of relationships in our living world. The intent of An Unbroken Intimacy with Life is to support this kind of alignment. True freedom, spontaneity, and creativity are the gifts of  living from such an orientation, moment by moment, in our daily lives. The retreat offers a gentle process for those who long to trust themselves and Life more fully. You will also receive in advance some suggestions for personal inquiry to help you prepare for our time together. For more information, please contact   Barbara Booth  


MADISON WI: Two New Retreats: April 23-25 or with additional days, April 23-27, 2013, sponsored by Holy Wisdom Monastery. For information please contact Carole Kretchman.

The first retreat, April 23-25, is complete in itself. For those persons who seek a deeper experience, please scroll down to Depth Perception: The Sensation of Light, an extension of the first retreat.  

April 23-25: Taking Root ~ A Depth of Intimacy with Life

This gentle 3-day retreat invites you to inhabit a much larger identity–as We; to listen from the deep, living heart of your body for the Presence of an otherperson, creature, plant, Life, the One—and find yourself inwardly connected, inwardly held, inwardly related to all that is. This is the intimate relationship that matters. The retreat offers an opportunity to under-stand—literally to stand under who you think you aretuned to an intelligence that thought, alone, cannot provide. You will receive in advance some suggestions for personal inquiry to help you prepare for our time together. The 3-Day Retreat begins at 4 P.M. on April 23 and ends with lunch on April 25. For more information, please contact  Carole Kretchman

To experience the full 5-Day Retreat, include this extension:  

April 25-27: Depth Perception ~ The Sensation of Light

In this extension of the first retreat, you will refine your capacities of perception to experience the living sensation of light. You will learn how to recognize it, feel it, and engage the light of another and the group as a whole. You’ll find what is holy and true within others, and not let the judgmental mind make them wrong, then walk as a blessing, sending that flow of energy to the green trees, the creatures, and all of creation.  This sacred experience begins in the late afternoon of April 25 and ends after lunch on April 27 You may choose either the  3-day or the 5-day option. For more information, please contact Carole Kretchman


April 5, 2012 OAKLAND, CA. Talk titled “In Unbroken Intimacy with Life”. The Sophia Center, Holy Names University


June 1-3 An Unbroken Intimacy with Life, A 3-day Retreat, followed by:

June 3-7 Awakening the Energies of Love, A 5-day Retreat

June 10-12 MADISON WISCONSIN: A 3-day retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery, An Unbroken Intimacy with Life.

June 16, 2012. CHICAGO, IL Talk titled An Unbroken Intimacy with Life at The Well’s Summer Institute. The Conference theme is “Living as One with the Earth.”

June 17-22, 2012, CHICAGO, IL, Five-day Retreat, Awakening the Energies of Love, sponsored by The Well


September 16-18  Christine Center, Willard, Wisconsin. LIVING A SURRENDERED LIFE. 

September 23-25 Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado. LIVING A SURRENDERED LIFE , sponsored by the  Davi Nikent Center

October 14-16, at the Old Mission, Santa Barbara, CA, sponsored by the Unity Church of Santa Barbara:   LIVING A SURRENDERED LIFE.

TALK AND CONVERSATION WITH THE AUDIENCE: October 13, Santa Barbara CA titled: “Eden, The One, and The Energies of Love and Wholeness.” Sponsored by Word and Life 



Stanford University. Three guest lectures in  Anne Firth Murray’s course entitled “Love as a Force for Social Justice,” Department of Human Biology.

Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA. A two-hour experiential presentation titled “Awakened Doing” exploring the interface between contemplation and service. This was part of an ongoing  series  entitled “Conscious Evolution,” a monthly discussion group focusing on ecology and mindfulness. Mercy Center Burlingame is an internationally known conference and retreat center in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a leading center for contemporary spirituality. See Mercy Center.

Poet Drew Dellinger presented a poetry reading at our home. Two other poets, Betty Kissilove and David Ergo,  joined him to benefit  Connexions, Partnerships for a Sustainable Future.  See Connexions.

St. Denis Church, Menlo Park, CA. 2-hour presentation and experiential inquiry.

Stanford University. Three guest lectures in Anne Firth Murray’s course entitled “Love as a Force for Social Justice,” Department of Human Biology

Interview on Jean Ramiciotti TV

Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, San Jose, CA. Two hour talk and conversation with the audience.
The Institute of Noetic Sciences Speaker, short workshop.

Aspen, Colorado:  Three events co-sponsored by the Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing and the Aspen Chapel:

THE EMERGENT CONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVE.  Friday: Talk and conversation with the audience.


Sunday. Dialog with the Rev. Dr. Gregg R. Anderson, in the Interfaith service at the Aspen Chapel followed by a discussion. See and

Live interview with LaVerne Hotep, Peace-It-Together Pittsburgh, Programs archived at