Anne Hillman completes Teilhard de Chardin’s work by providing the next step, a pathway into the most significant transformation humanity has ever undergone. She shows how what he called the energies of Love can ignite us, and once we have caught fire, how to embody its ‘200,000 volts’ in our lives. BRIAN SWIMME, PhD, astrophysicist, cosmologist. The Universe Story; The Powers of the Universe; The Earth’s Imagination. http://www.brianswimme.org

Anne Hillman puts flesh on the larger view that we live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension, and that it is ours, not by domination, but by invocation. THOMAS BERRY, CP, Geologian, historian of cultures. The Great Work; The Dream of the Earth; The Universe Story. http://www.thomasberry.org/

A work of great beauty, a clarion call! I know of no one else who has tackled our vital need for awakening to the transforming powers of love as thoroughly as she has. This pioneering work strikes the right note for which many people are waiting. Let us hope that it will be widely read. URSULA KING, PhD, Teilhard de Chardin’s biographer.  Spirit of Fire: The Life and Vision of Teilhard de Chardin; Spirituality and Society in the New Millennium. http://www.une.edu.au/dreaming04/king.html

Few of us know what it is to be claimed by Love, not as an obsession with another, but taken hold of, shaken, brought to our knees in awe and gratitude, and eventually strengthened. This is love as Fire, and the core of what this book is about. From the Foreword by RICHARD MOSS, MD, author, The Mandala of Being. http://www.RichardMoss.com

Your writing and deep feminine insights have opened doors long closed: particularly, rekindling my early love for Teilhard de Chardin, but from a whole new place. The Rev. CYNTHIA BOURGEAULT, PhD, Episcopal priest, contemplative, teacher Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening contemplative.org

Masterful! Reading this inspiring book is like breathing a fully conscious breath that invites deep attention and radical aliveness. ELLEN GRACE O’BRIAN, Founder and Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, Kriya Yoga lineage. Living the Eternal Way: Spiritual Meaning and Practice for Everyday Life; A Single Blade of Grass: Finding the Sacred in Everyday Life.  http://www.CSEcenter.org

It is always a joy to see love taken out of the small enclosure of personal relationships where our Western culture has trapped it, into the real arena of the heart which includes all of creation. Through Anne Hillman’s voice, we can feel the deeper currents of this primal power that both makes and unmakes us, and that leads us to the depth of being and beyond. LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE, PhD, Sufi teacher and author. Working with Oneness; Traveling the Path of Love. http.//www.goldensufi.org

In a simple and direct way, Anne articulates the core hunger to be awakened in us by the mystery of love, and her own journey becomes a model of fidelity to the process. I will recommend this book to all my directees! DON BISSON, FMS, Marian brother. Conference leader, Spirituality and Jungian psychology. http://www.DonBisson.org

Fire, indeed! Led by visionaries like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, we are piecing together a radiant new/old vision of human be-ing itself, and Awakening the Energies of Love will add real momentum to that holy work. CAROL LEE FLINDERS, PhD, Lecturer and author, Enduring Lives: Portraits of Women and Faith in Action. http://www.tworock.org

In a lifetime of prodigious reading, I recall only once on completing the last page of a book, that I immediately turned to the first page and continued to read again: Awakening the Energies of Love. Anne’s has been the fundamental grounding and guiding voice in my recent journey, one that affirms and enlivens my own inner knowing—grounding, challenging, and reminding me of what the real work is. GRANT JAHNKE, PhD, Organizational consultant and psychotherapist.

If you are interested in the deeper implications of dreams and dreaming, do not miss this book! Anne Hillman’s examples and understandings as she traces several paths of awakening are most illuminating. JEREMY TAYLOR, DMin, Unitarian Universalist tradition. Dream Work; The Living Labyrinth  http://www.jeremytaylor.com

The difference between a martial artist and someone focused on self defense is love. For the martial artist, to receive a blow is an opportunity to say ‘yes’ and ultimately, to love, not fear the attacker. Anne Hillman understands this and with a story teller’s beauty, writes of this journey from one to the other. RICHARD FARMER ,Tai ChiMaster. Founder and principle Instructor of the international Rising Dragon Tai Chi School. http://www.risingdragontaichi.com/index.html

Awakening the Energies of Love is not intended to give an academic rush. But if you read it with an open spirit so that you can sense what comes through its pages, you will be buoyed up, an updraft that is real, immediate, and quite abiding. BILL KUEPPERS, PhD Transpersonal psychology. Radicalauthenticity.com

Anne Hillman is like a master gardener who first prepares the ground so that what already lies deep and waiting to grow is given the opportunity to thrive. MARIGOLD FARMER, International conference and retreat organizer. http://www.soulmoves.co.uk

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