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There’s no way of telling people they’re walking around shining like the sun. –Thomas Merton

You are loved.
You are accepted, held in a vast embrace. There is nothing in you, nothing of character or tendencies, race or sexuality, accomplishment or failure that is not held, not needed. That which you deeply are is deeply wanted.

You are not alone.
You are a child of God—of the Universe. You belong to an activity that is beyond comprehension. Trust it.

You are known, needed.
That which you have sought is seeking you. That which you want to offer to life is greatly desired. You may not yet know what it is, but it is exactly the right gift and only yours to give. Give it.

You are part of a great leap of loving such as the world has never known.
You have work to do. Begin it. Leap into the day and learn what it is to be mad with desire for the One Love.

The world sings in its many voices, “Do you love me?” Respond. Every moment of self-forgetting is an offering; every act of self-giving, a tongue of Fire. Be bread. Be broken. Let go of what you know. Do all you can to find in your heart what your mind can’t comprehend.

Your are Life
You are Love
You are Light
Go shining

*From Anne Hillman, Awakening the Energies of Love ~ Discovering Fire for the Second Time

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“Audacious!” is how one participant described the first of our three phone-in ‘Conversations’ on Thursday February 12th. If trusting the Mystery is audacious, then so be it! For our growing trust in one another and our vulnerability to the Unknown led each of us, simultaneously, without any plan or suggestion, to drop into the profound and palpable Field for the last 10 or more minutes of our gathering, Here. It was a sacred gift, and for those who’d learned to listen with their bodies, an intense physical experience of the Energies of Love.

For me, it was a tangible confirmation that in the Stillness, even though our minds believed us to be thousands of miles apart, our bodies knew we were unified, One. It was a true communion, an experience of the Light of the Infinite entering the finite world.

For any of you who weren’t able to join us, please know you will be warmly welcomed at the next conversation on February 26 at 4:30. (For access and particulars, see the January 8th post at www.facebook.com/annehillmancommunity). So they may be tailored to your needs, note that I ask that you please send your questions, concerns and comments to me in advance at: anne@annehillman.net

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