A Call for Creativity


Let’s ignite some creativity together! I was amazed at the breadth of responses that The Dancing Animal Woman inspired, among them, stained glass windows, CD’s for a cancer support program, videos at a celebration with indigenous peoples, calendars, and more. This page is for your own creative work! Some of you have sent offerings already (see below). If something from Awakening the Energies of Love or The Dancing Animal Woman has inspired others of you, as well, I’d be honored to display it here with a link to your url.  Please send your creative work to me at anne@annehillman.net
The Song of Love Mary Southard created the graceful poster (below) in response to “The Song of Love” from  Awakening the Energies of Love. It can be seen on the website of the Ministry of the Arts and would make a lovely gift for a friend, a grandchild, or for someone’s graduation. It is available for $10, unframed, and all proceeds benefit the Ministry of the Arts. The full text is on their website. This is how “The Song of Love” ends:

Thomas Merton said, “There’s no way of telling people they’re walking around shining like the sun.”

You are not only the small being who wants to be safe.

You are Love. You are Life. You are Light.

Go Shining

Awakening The Energies Of Love Poster
The Moebius Strip

Lisa Lipsett
sent the lovely painting, below, entitled “The Moebius Strip” in response to the following quote from The Dancing Animal Woman: A Celebration of Life: 

“Our deepest creativity is needed now, a creativity woven of all that we are. It is in that painstaking journey to our own centers, as we peel back and accept layer after layer of our humanity, that we find ourselves naked. At that center, the real spills out. There, the center and circumference of the compass dissolve endlessly into one another. It is the center which is everywhere.”


The Willing Hum
Marilyn Robertson sent this poem in response to the following words from The Dancing Animal Woman: A Celebration of Life:
“Having a bearing is different from being on top of things. It is more a settling in, a readiness to look and listen in new ways. A willing hum. A tuning in [. . . to an] undefined space . . . [a] center . . .”


Just yesterday, watching children play,
I heard the music start — the drum
and the mbira, chasing each other
around the clearing —
and the children danced.
The bold ones danced.
The shy ones danced.
The somber boy danced, and the girl
with the wooden leg danced.
I saw how the world hums . . .
how it was made to hum,
and those whose feet are bare hear it best.
So why are we wearing shoes —
like earplugs on our soles —
marching us over the concrete
that has never once carried a tune
in its long gray life?
(C) 2009 Marilyn Robertson
(Marilyn does not have a website)