What other readers say about Awakening the Energies of Love

Grant Jahnke, PhD, Organizational consultant, psychotherapist

In a lifetime of prodigious reading I can only recall once that on completing the last page of a book I immediately turned to the first page and continued reading. This happened yesterday with Awakening the Energies of Love. On virtually every second page I found myself shouting “Yes!” Yours has been the fundamental grounding and guiding voice in my journey through the past year, the voice that affirms and enlivens my own inner knowing. Your words were like a direct and personal message from the Cosmos ”grounding and challenging,” reminding me of what the real work is . . . and that the details will unfold by attending to the Presence. Thank you, and again thank you for paying whatever the price of sharing this wealth of life learning! This is indeed the book you were meant to write.

The Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, PhD, Episcopal priest, contemplative, author

Your writing and deep feminine insights have opened doors long closed: particularly, rekindling my early love for Teilhard de Chardin, but from a whole new place.

Nancy Hiles, Editor of the contemplative journal, “The Way Through”, writer, retreat leader

Anne moves gracefully from the narrative arc of cosmic creation to her own narrative arc, creating a work of breadth and intimacy.

Mary Ann Ruebusch, Counselor

I’ve just finished Awakening the Energies of Love, and I’m still trembling.

From a reader in Argentina

I’ve just finished reading your book Awakening the Energies of Love, and I enjoyed it very much!.

It spoke to me in ways that I can hear without thinking or making any effort, just as “listening” to music or poetry.

Francie White, PhD

If I do poorly at graduate school this semester, I can hold you accountable. I keep sneaking and reading your book instead of my studies. The powerful way you induct the reader into the subtleties of the many currents of soul/heart/body knowing that flow beneath the mind is extraordinary. I teach these things and am often grappling for language. You have a way of naming the unnameable that my friends agree, directly reminds the reader of what we Know and forgot we Knew.

I loved the slide show [Note: see the sidebar] and plan to show it to my patients and to workshop participants. And of course, Fire for the second time is possibly the most epic, archetypal invitation to the fierceness of Love that may ever exist as we know it. Thank you for picking that up and repeating it. It is now a quote that fills my life.

Sara Allen, School counselor

Our study group has just finished reading together and studying Awakening the Energies of Love and we absolutely love the book! We don’t want it to end. The group started some 30 years ago and your book is by far the best we have read and we have read lots of books! Awakening fit in with all our journeys and moved us on. It is beautiful!

Jade Sherer, Wilderness guide

I read Awakening the Energies of Love slowly and deeply over a couple of months, and it seemed that every day when I opened it, the perfect words were there on the page. How potent your book is to me and how my heart sang and wept as I read it. Suffice it to say that I am utterly grateful for your wisdom and in the inclination to share it. Please hear my immense gratitude.

Megan Moynahan, PhD, Biomedical engineer

I feel like one of your messages is that we (humans/humankind) are on the brink of a new way of thinking about the world, about ourselves. You seem to be calling on people to open their minds and hearts to a different way of taking in the world of connecting more deeply, with an appreciation of the Gestalt. It is an important read.

Elaina Hyde-Mills, Anglican Priest

I am enchanted. What I feel as I’m reading, is a sense of grounding and coming back to myself. The first lines of Chapter1 brought me back to what “the call” really is. I don’t think most clergy understand this kind of call, but focus more on the idea of vocation or calling. Anne articulates something far more profound. The story of the snake is amazing! I love the concept of “inward dusk,”and I’ve highlighted countless sections so I can revisit them. An important book, wonderfully written.

Jill Schroder, Author

I’m almost finished with Awakening, and have appreciated every chapter, every reference, the format, your style, depth . . . I’m now reading chapter 16 about being with pain, grief, darkness and at the same time staying aware of the light of Love shining through it all and the surrender required to do that. I relate to the place where you are taken aback to discover that “there is no safety from pain and death, no going back to the secret invincibility I’d always relied on.'” I’m now practicing that for myself, each day. Thank you for your wise words.

Bill Veltrop, Generative change in social systems

I’m so appreciative of the exquisite care you’ve put into crafting your heartfelt and mind-illuminating words. It’s very relevant to the “song of my soul” and to the importance of that aspect of being to our larger community, and very relevant to my work of this moment. With gratitude for your gift.

John C. Robinson, PhD., D Min, author

One of the many reasons I value your fine book was its clarity about the experience of being, and how bringing consciousness into the pure and subjective bodily being brings a deep sense of unity with Divinity/Life. For me, that experience ignites to overflowing the low-bubbling and always-present joy. And so, I, too, feel a need for more engagement in the world from the same source you have described, not from the old matrix of identity and performance, but from this more valid and joyful flowing out.

Gavin Frye, MA, MFT, Counselor and workshop leader

Your soul-stirring Awakening the Energies of Love has been most profound for me. I appreciate your transparent sharing and particularly what you transmit through your vibrant writing. Your love and availability are an inspiration.

Janel Willette, Wholistic life coach

Your book has been a tremendous anchor for me as I delve deeper into the journey. Whenever I refer to it, I continue to be soothed and swept into my heart. My partner and I often enjoy it together as it creates rich discussion and introspection.

Suzanne Barois, Biologist

Your book is the best I have found yet with regards to affirming my own journey – it is helping me better understand the awakening experience that I have been living these last 20 years. I wish it had been there for me earlier. It would have been a bright flame to guide me through a painful dark night of the soul. Strange, that I should consider you one of my teachers even though we have never met in person.

Maureen Draper, Concert pianist, author

I’ve been wanting to thank you for Awakening the Energies of Love, a beautifully written, courageous, and inspirational book. You’ve put a lifetime of experience and learning into this. Many thanks.

Richard Ohlrogge, Technologist

I can’t express in words how deeply meaningful both of your books have been for me. I would absolutely love to get an autographed copy for a very special woman in my life that I have exposed to your writings and as a result, is further nurturing an already amazing relationship. Thank you for telling your story and our story in such a meaningful way!!

Pat Devine-Cummings, Medical social worker

I have started reading Awakening the Energies of Love and it is powerful!!! I can hardly put it down! We meet the teachers in our lives when we are ready for them they say. I consider you through your book one of my teachers. Thank you so much!

Kathryn Bullen, Teacher: music and English as a second language

I recently read Awakening the Energies of Love and absolutely loved it; thank you so much for writing a wonderfully inspiring book. So many parts of it resonated with my experience of the spiritual journey, the challenges and healing along the way.